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A New Approach to Retention

The science of customer lifecycle extension has entered a new and far more productive era. In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, an organization's ability to extend the lifecycle of existing customers can often mean the difference between success and failure.  Companies in telecommunications, finance and other high-churn/attrition businesses now invest considerable time and money in an effort to identify, target and retain quality customers.

For example, in the telecom industry, annual churn rates vary widely. European markets average 30%. The US average is 40%. In some Asian markets churn rates exceed 50%. The cost of acquiring a new subscriber ranges from $400 in the U.S. to as much as $700 in Europe. In 1998, Churn/attrition cost European and U.S. telecom firms some $4 billion, with the global cost of customer defections estimated at a whopping $10 billion. That defection cost is projected to approach $30 billion in 2000. Companies in other highly competitive industries, such as finance, face similarly high churn/attrition rates and costs.

These are sobering numbers that explain why companies are taking an increasingly aggressive and scientific approach to customer retention.

Today, reducing churn from the average 40% to a more manageable 15% is one of the most challenging objectives for telecommunications operators. The “good news” is that over 60% of telecom churn behavior can be modified and into more loyal behavior.

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