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Five Ways to Optimize Customer Relations

Smart e-businesses are learning that customer retention -- not customer acquisition -- is the key to success.

The Harvard Business School reported in 2000 that if a company can increase its customer retention from 90 to 95 percent, pre-tax profits could soar 45 percent. Effective e-businesses are learning that customer retention is critical.

A key impetus for customers to continue working with your company is for them to receive superior customer care. Rich Hebert, the president and CEO of iSKY (http://www.isky.com), a customer care outsourcing provider to Global 1,000 companies, offers the following five tips for improving your customer relationship management strategy:

  1. Hire a chief customer officer (CCO) to oversee your company's customer care program. Appointing a CCO helps define the importance of this division.
  2. Share customer information between departments. All departments should be networked to share customer service issues and inquiries, allowing each department to serve customers with speed and accuracy. This also provides a consistent view of the customer across all operations within the company.
  3. Know your customers. Research your customers' shopping habits and identify and follow up with the most profitable customers. Save time and money by marketing specifically to appropriate segments of your customer base.
  4. Continually evaluate your customer service efforts to determine what works. What is right for one company may not be right for another. Research your customer base and determine what technologies and practices work best.
  5. Monitor your customer service department. Get a true reading of a customer service department by placing an unannounced test call. C-level executives must always stay close to the customer service issue.

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