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ADM - EEJ - MOO - 201 - Moodle / Aprendiendo (Inglés)

Sección 2
 Mock Assignment- Take a look and practise submitting here
 More on online assignments

May be used throughout the course, as a formative tool, or in an exam setting. Take a look at an example below.
Note on the Drag and drop target question type: Place the target (not the bubble text) on the right location on the image:

 Mock Quiz- Take it!
Sección 4
Sección 5

360 Panorama

If you were asked to take pictures of a specific environment with your iPhone or iPad, and share them in Twitter to be displayed in your module (for instance on a trip, or on a landscape design project) then this free app could be an exciting way for you to contribute. Look at an example here first: http://cornerbrooker.com/2011/03/glynmill-inn-pond-360-panorama/. This looks better if you flick the gyro icon on: 360 Panorama Giro  icon and turn around on yourself. Download the app on your iPhone/iPad if you want to give it a try.
Check with your teacher to see if a Twitter hashtag was created for your course. (Example in the right-hand bar)

 Student contributions (Flickr Slideshows): an example

Sección 7


There is an example of a Twitter widget in this module: on the right, based on a Search hashtag called '360panorama'.

Your teacher may set up a Twitter widget in your course to encourage you to follow a specific topic (in this example), or interesting people to follow because they publish articles that are usually relevant to your area. Your teacher may also set up an activity based on this regular reading, and count it towards assessment (or not).

A blog menu can be found in the left hand bar. Take a look at the existing entries. Start a blog. Either select a personal or private blog for yourself, or start a blog that will be available to all course participants in that module. Explain in your first post what your objective is: a place to reflect on focused  areas, or to bounce off ideas, or to practise a specific writing style, etc. (If you'd like to reach people outside of Moodle, then choose Wordpress.)

Mahara is probably the most exciting e-portfolio around, from a user's perspective for you to showcase content, skills and other assets. Exciting because it's a very flexible and user-friendly tool. Watch a 5-minute presentation here, then have an initial taste here at: http://demo.mahara.org/

RSS feeds
You can see an example of this in the left hand bar. Similar to Twitter, it's about reading topical content, but unlike Twitter where you can interact witht hte author, RSS feeds are more like magazine subscriptions- regular reading which would be useful to you.

 How would you like to use social media in your course?

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